Privacy Policy

BookTrakr makes money by collecting information for you, not for advertisers. That means we don’t have to compromise your privacy to pay our bills. We collect only as much information, and share it only as widely, as is necessary to monitor and report your sales. While we are occasionally approached by booksellers to provide information about your sales, we never do so without first contacting you and receiving an affirmative reply allowing us to share your information.

What we collect

We collect your name and email address, and we use that to send you Daily Updates reporting your sales (if you ask for them). We also collect login credentials for B&N (Nook), Apple (iTunesConnect), Smashwords, Kobo, CreateSpace, Google Play, and Draft2Digital. We use those credentials to collect your sales data on the above-listed booksellers' websites. We also collect ratings, rankings, and reviews from the public websites of those booksellers. We retain all of this information until one month after your account is closed. (You can delete your store credentials at any time, but we wil lbe unable to retrieve your sales data if you do.) If you refer customers, we keep track of who was referred and who did the referring, so that we can credit your account for the referral. We don't receive or collect any information about people who buy your books.

What other companies collect

How to control your data

Your data wil be purged automatically 30 days after your account is closed. You do not have a system for you to download your data, but if you contact us, we can provide a copy of your data in an industry-standard format. If you have any questions about, or issues with, our Privacy Policy, contact our HelpDesk.